Who Am I?

I’m a blogger and entrepreneur mom who creates top-notch content to share profitable and realistic tips, tricks, and advice for other entrepreneur women. My goal is to inspire and teach the need-to-know’s of entrepreneurship, business, marketing and doing it all while raising a family!

Why Do I Write?

My mother always used to tell me; never leave a task to anyone else, that is best done yourself. While that was probably just her take on an old and familiar adage, it stuck with me. Over the past 6 years of becoming a parent to two beautiful little boys and starting my own business (my other baby), I would often find myself feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused, with very few relevant suggestions. 

Sure, I found plenty of entrepreneur centered sites and even more parenting blogs but… I wasn’t finding anything that really brought the two together. Being an entrepreneur is hardbut being a mother is even harder. And doing both at the same time? Well, that’s a different story entirely.

The amazing thing is that so many of us are taking on this incredible adventure every day. So this is for you; the DIY, on-the-go, always busy, amazing, entrepreneur supermom that you are. I hope you find my tips, articles, stories and lessons both informative and inspiring!


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