Creative Business Podcasts You Need to Hear

Let’s talk about podcasts. There are thousands of YouTube tutorials, pay-to-play online courses, and downloadable lessons that claim to teach you the ins and outs of business. But who really has the time to watch them while running a full time business and a life?

Not me. Or… well, anyone else I know. Luckily, podcasts have allowed me to educate myself and get inspired. Even when I’m doing a thousand other things at once.

Check out some of my personal favorite podcasts, written and run by crazy-creative, amazing, entrepreneur ladies!

Raw Milk

This is definitely one of my absolute favorite entrepreneur podcasts. Beth Kirby has a great personality and she talks about real, no-bullshit approaches to business. She also lets her listeners know about her own personal story, and why she started Raw Milk. Kirby runs a ridiculously addictive foodie website, and she’s got some great information and tips about marketing, running a website, and profiting from an online business. If you like down to earth, laid back, honest and pretty humorous podcast personalities, you’ll love Raw Milk.

Boss Girl Creative

In the same niche of creative, women-lead startups, the Boss Girl Creative podcast by Taylor Bradford is another great listen for entrepreneurs. Chalk full of great accounts, tips and tricks, and lessons about blogging, business and being a creative entrepreneur, Bradford is running one of the most informative and catchy podcasts out there. Plus, her website includes tons of blogs about anything from business to beauty. So you can make that your go-to for, well, anything really!

Failure Factor

This one’s almost a scary podcast (but in a really, really good way). Run by therapist, executive coach and blogger, Megan Bruneau, and brought to the world by Forbes, Failure Factor is a different kind of business podcast. Bruneau takes us into the mind, through the eyes of a psychologist; explaining just why we’re so afraid to fail, and why we shouldn’t be. I won’t spoil too much, because this is a podcast you definitely need to hear to truly appreciate. But let’s just say a lot of the dialogue on Failure Factor can be pretty life changing.

Clever Girl Finance

A little bit different from the podcasts on this list so far, Bola Onada Sokunbi brings us a straight-up, no holds barred approach to debt, managing money, and building wealth. Clever Girl Finance is all about empowering women, and Sokunbi even gives the option for women to take helpful and simple, yet all-inclusive lessons in finances and debt.

These are my personal go-to podcasts to get motivated, energized, and creative. What are some of yours?

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