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11 Smartphone Apps That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Smartphones are becoming more and more important to business owners and customers alike, with over 80% of consumers using their smartphone apps to search, view and shop online.

While there are hundreds of websites and tons of software that business owners and entrepreneurs can use to run their businesses, having the ability to work on the go is absolutely necessary.

Not sure where to start?

Here are 11 of the most useful smartphone apps that can help you grow your business.


1. Social Media Apps

This is a big one. If your business is not on social media, you’re at a disadvantage. Why? Because statistics show that most consumers look up and follow local and global businesses on social media. Luckily, creating these social media accounts are quick and easy using the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn mobile apps. They’re well designed with simple interface to allow even the least tech-savvy business owners to quickly improve their online presence.


2. Canva

The Canva App is perhaps one of the most useful and easy-to-use graphic design tools out there. Although the Canva website allows for more options and let’s you save templates, font families, and brand options, the mobile app still let’s you create beautiful graphics in seconds. Online consumers are more likely to pay attention and engage with your brans if you’re using well-designed media content. So don’t lose out on traffic and customers, you don’t need a graphic designer, you just need Canva!


3. Google AdWords/Analytics

This is mostly for businesses that are primarily online (i.e blogs, ecommerce sites, etc.) but they’re always useful if you’re using any type of advertising through Google. The apps allow you to view full spectrum analytics for all your ads and how they’re converting into traffic for your websites. Always helpful to be able to access this on the go!


4. ConstantContact

If you’re using email marketing (hint: you should be), this one’s for you! Just like Canva, Constant Contact is best accessed on desktop, but the app is built for quick, on-the-go email creation. This app allows for three different template types, the ability to add new or saved graphics, and automated sending to your saved contacts list.


5. Google Tasks

Google Tasks really isn’t that well known, but it’s really useful for those of us who tend to have a hard time staying organized or keeping track of our projects. A simple mobile app, you can create different task lists with subsections, timelines, due dates and even share them with your contacts. Definitely worth the download.


6. Evernote

If you’ve never used Evernote, it’s time to start. Offered as a desktop and mobile app, Evernote allows you to create and organize different notebooks, add voice notes, write memos, save webpages and photos, and much more. The free version allows you to have up to 2 or 3 devices and let’s you use templates created by Evernote developers, while the pro versions give you all of this, extra space to save online, offline access from any device, and more. Plus, you can share these notebooks with other Evernote users, chat, and collaborate on projects together, with both the free and paid versions.


7. Hangouts

The third Google app on this list, the Hangouts chat interface is a streamlined, simple way to keep in contact with team members and clients. Hangouts uses your Google account and also allows for voice and video calls. Plus, you can keep records of communications for future use!


8. Facebook Pages Manager/Ad Manager

We discussed social media apps, and how essential they are to running a business in the 21st century. Pages and Ads Manager are actually 2 separate apps that go hand-in-hand with this. Although you can edit and view your business Pages on the Facebook app, Pages Manager gives you a better look at analytics, engagement, ad management and more. Ad Manager gives you more of this management ability, plus the ability to create and run Facebook ad campaigns. They are not absolutely necessary for most businesses, but definitely useful if you run hardcore social media marketing campaigns.


9. PayPal

Many of us use PayPal for personal and business use, so having the apps on hand are 100% essential if you take a lot of payments through the platform. The mobile app allows you to send and request payments on the go, donate to charitable causes, check your balance and create invoices. It’s especially useful if you use PayPals business debit or credit cards.


10. QuickBooks

Low on the list but not certainly not least, the popular bookkeeping software QuickBooks does offer a mobile app that gives you access to your account, invoices, payments and more. Again, another free app that is useful to have in your pocket, especially with tax season right around the corner!


11. WordPress

It’s well-known that most websites are built and hosted through WordPress. The WP app allows you access to the front and backend of your website, as well as your admin dashboard. You can post blogs, updates, create pages and more, right from your smartphone. Although the website itself offers more access to tools and options, the app is great to have on hand when you want to write quick updates or add to your blog on mobile. And just in case you’re wondering if LilyAlexandre is hosted by WordPress… the answer is yes! 

So the next time you’re away from your laptop or desktop computer, breathe easy and know that accessing the important parts of your business is a quick and simple process with these 11 efficient, streamlined (and free!) smartphone apps.

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